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GradeMojo sets everyone up for success in an organisation.

Digital devices like computer, laptop, smartphone

GradeMojo Digi.

GradeMojo Digi helps your organisation to use the power of technology to automate the conventional workflow giving you the power to track, organise & analyse. With intuitive features teachers can quickly start class, schedule quizzes, assign homework, manage progress, and lots more. And all of the users can access it from any of their handheld devices.

GradeMojo is designed with specific tools to give you complete control over your digital classroom.

Gamepad because it's always engaging

GradeMojo Engagement.

GradeMojo Engagement features classroom with premium tools like leader-boards. It turns classroom into a Social learning platform. It helps in benchmarking your classroom’s engagement and helps students to engage, participate & express themselves.

Teachers can even share their resources with students and keep track of student’s activities.

Robot analyzing data

GradeMojo Vista.

Vista helps teachers in using data to support each student’s need and helps administration to build a great school. Vista helps to monitor progress of school and every student & teacher.

It collects data that is valid & reliable and consists of all the tools required by teachers and administration in taking data-driven action to support student success.

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