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GradeMojo brings school community together. Students, teachers, parents and administration can connect on GradeMojo, and can create an incredible school community.Education,App,School,Teachers,Homework,Assignment.

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GradeMojo LearningTechnology & Gamification integration in classroom improves learning experience.

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GradeMojo EngagementTeachers and students together under a secure customised domain with user management tools.

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GradeMojo InsightsGain insights to easily assess adoption and fidelity of usage across the deployment.

What We Do

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About Us

Automated Classrooms

Forget the hassle of manual labour and conventional workflows. Now, every execution will be done automatically. All you have to do is just click.

Integrated Engagement Tools

GradeMojo is built with new ways to engage and encourage students making learning interesting and social.

Diverse Analytics Reports

Gives you tools to track needs and progress in your classroom. All essentials in one platform empowers educators.

GradeMojo's Features

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Learning Made Social

Conventional classrooms turned into more engaging & social learning platform.

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Panoramic Insights

With GradeMojo insight, School leaders can keep track of parameters that matters the most.

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Integrated curriculum plus

School Curriculum integrated with best of engagement tools that gives edge to classrooms.

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Improved Grit Level

GradeMojo helps students to persevere through setbacks to achieve important long-term goals.

Signal monitor

Smart Algorithm

Now, teachers can keep track of the student’s weaknesses and help them to grow as per their need.

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Family Community Engagement

Helps to involve parents, as their participation is essential for student’s overall growth.

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Cloud Based Platform

Users can access the platform from any of their devices without risk of data loss.

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Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

GradeMojo assists to incorporate social emotional learning as a part of Education system.

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Highly Customisable

Every school is different, so is our platform. It can be tailored as per need of the school.

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Interactively facilitate.
Thousands of educators use GradeMojo to track, engage, connect, inspire and monitor students' growth.

· Team - GradeMojo, The Classroom Assistant.

Transforming Education.

GradeMojo - The Classroom Assistant

GradeMojo brings school community together. Students, teachers, parents and administration can connect on GradeMojo, and create an incredible school community together.

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