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Administration (3)

How can I share information with parents, teachers and students?
Administration can login through admin panel, select share tab, select the user group(Teachers/classes/Parents/adhoc) with which they wish to share the information. They can select all or create a customized new group. With the share option they can push school’s notifications/notices/event images and lots more.
How does GradeMojo build positive school community?
Everyone plays an important role in creating a positive school community. School leaders and teachers can create a safe space for learning, encourage students, and get parents engaged. GradeMojo makes this delightfully simple. It encourages school values inside and outside of classrooms. It bridges the communication gap between parents and teachers and builds an engaging platform by taking students, parents, teachers and administration on board. With GradeMojo over 75% of parents feel more connected to their child’s school and teachers communicate 8 times more with parents.
How can I see how many parents and students are engaged and which skill is encouraged the most?
GradeMojo has an integrated smart analytical tool – Vista,which monitors overall school’s participation and give insights of various parameters like teacher’s efficacy, school climate, grit level, socio-emotional skills and lots more.

Teacher (4)

How to send assignments?
Teachers can send assignments by logging into the account, selecting the assignment tab, choosing/uploading the type of assignments, selecting the class in which they wish to push the assignment with a submission date.
How can I share resources with my class?
Teachers can share resources by logging into their account, selecting class, choosing share tab and uploading the content/article/link they wish to share with students or parents.
Can I store documents on the app?
Yes, you can store documents on our cloud and can fetch the required data from anywhere.
How can I monitor student’s weaknesses?
Teachers can monitor student’s weaknesses by logging into the account, searching the students’s profile and analysing the performance overview of any student which throws light upon all the parameters like strengths, weaknesses and lots more.

Parent (3)

How can I see my child’s progress?
Parents can login to their account and see their child’s profile which gives a performance overview of their child.
How can I contact my child’s class teacher?
Parents can contact their child’s class teacher by logging into their account, choosing chat tab and selecting subject and teacher’s name. They can send their query.
How do I get notified about my child’s activity?
GradeMojo notifies parents whenever they receive a new message or notice from the teacher or school about any activity.

Student (4)

How can I ask a query from the teacher?
Students can login into their account, select share and post a query on their timeline with their fellow classmates and teachers.
How can I earn more points/trophies/badges?
Students can earn more rewards by coming regularly to school, submitting assignments in time, taking more quizzes and engaging in the task for which they’ll be given points.
How leaderboard score is calculated?
It is the weighted average of attendance, exam results, submitted assignments and quizzes taken.
Can I submit assignment on the app?
Yes, students can submit assignment on the app depending upon the type of the assignment given by the teacher.